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Open trailers

The HAPERT AZURE is a true all-rounder. Whether you wish to transport garden waste, bulk waste, pallets, sand, stones or other bulk material, this unprecedented powerhouse can handle it all.

From € 1530 Build your own Azure


Tipper trailers

Choose the HAPERT COBALT to easily load and unload bulk materials. This tipper trailer is the strongest of its kind. Our tipper trailers can easily transport and unload garden waste, bulk waste, building materials, or other bulk or rolling materials. This versatile model proves its strength time and time again.

From € 2900 Build your own Cobalt


Transporter trailers

Your valuable company vehicles and machines can be used anywhere thanks to the HAPERT INDIGO. This indestructible drive-on trailer ensures that every vehicle and machine arrives at its destination quickly and safely. You can count on the INDIGO anytime, anywhere. It makes you and keeps you mobile.

From € 2400 Build your own Indigo


Box van trailers

The HAPERT SAPPHIRE is the perfect transport solution for safely transporting all your valuable company goods and materials. This high-quality box trailer is optimally equipped to protect your cargo. The SAPPHIRE ensures your cargo reaches its destination fully intact.

From € 2892 Build your own Sapphire


Small trailers

The HAPERT BASIC is a small, fully equipped trailer, which is also very affordable. This model is particularly suited for consumers and semi-professionals.

From € 1582 Build your own Basic


For 50 years now, HAPERT has been supplying the strongest trailers with a maximum gross weight of up to 3500 kg. Thanks to our tried-and-tested welding technology we guarantee the most durable trailers in Europe. Transportation solutions you can trust blindly. That is what makes us unique in the market.
We deliver to businesses and private individuals, who want to work with the strongest trailers. Our robust trailers are built to deliver maximum performance every day, at the lowest cost per kilometer.