At HAPERT, we settle for nothing less than the best quality. That's why all our trailers are delivered with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee as standard. In fact, we're even offering you the option to extend the guarantee. All you have to do is enter into a guarantee agreement with us by registering your trailer in the registration form below. With the extended guarantee, you can take your HAPERT trailer on the road every day without a worry in the world.


To be eligible for a guarantee period of 2 years, you first need to go online and register that your HAPERT trailer is in its new condition and free of any defects and faults, that you have been adequately informed on how to operate the trailer and that you have received the User Manual. You also need to accept the conditions of the guarantee agreement. To complete the extended guarantee, HAPERT needs some additional information from you. Besides filling in your business or personal details, we ask you to specify on the registration at which HAPERT dealer you purchased the trailer and the chassis number of your trailer.

To have the assurance that any guarantee claims you may have will be handled as efficiently as possible, please check the information you filled in carefully before sending the registration form of your trailer.

Registration must take place within 5 working days after delivery/registration of the trailer


Once you have sent all the required information and the registration form, we will send an activation e-mail to the e-mail address provided. Please follow each step in the e-mail to finalise the registration. After completion, we will send you the 2-year guarantee certificate. Note: the extended guarantee is only valid after you receive the certificate.


Whether you own a business or you buy your trailer privately, you want to be able to rely on your trailer's safety every day. So don't wait any longer and extend your warranty today by registering your HAPERT trailer below. It's better to be safe than sorry, right?


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For 50 years now, HAPERT has been supplying the strongest trailers with a maximum gross weight of up to 3500 kg. Thanks to our tried-and-tested welding technology we guarantee the most durable trailers in Europe. Transportation solutions you can trust blindly. That is what makes us unique in the market.
We deliver to businesses and private individuals, who want to work with the strongest trailers. Our robust trailers are built to deliver maximum performance every day, at the lowest cost per kilometer.