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Jack van de Pas Hoveniersbedrijf has a Hapert Cobalt HM-2. Read the interview with this company below:

My name is Jack van de Pas and I have a landscaping company that mainly deals with paving, earthworks and landscaping.

We are located in Berkel Enschot, and most of our customers are located within a radius of 15 km around the village.

3 years ago I was ready to purchase a new tipper. Because I am quite stuck, I bought a tipper at Betanco in Rijsbergen similar to the brand I already had at the time.

I didn't like this new trailer at all. When I returned to Betanco for a repair ¾ year later, I expressed my dissatisfaction. We were out within half an hour and I purchased my current Hapert.

I am still happy that I made that choice. The robust and solid nature of this tipper suits my work super well. Due to the large degree angle in the tilting position, it is always empty and it is very strong, for example when tipping the ground, and goes up until the end.

I did have the cover for the ramps adjusted so that I don't have to use the key every time. I also think the box on the drawbar has added value.

I take it to Betanco once a year where it receives a full service, so the warranty is maintained and I am on the road safely.

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