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SB Afbouw has two Hapert Azure H2 and a Azure L1. Read the interview with this company below:

Who are you? Tell us briefly about your company.
We are SB Afbouw from Berlicum and provide various work in interior finishing.

Where are you active?
We are mainly active in the south of the Netherlands, but we actually travel throughout the country for regular customers, even to Middelburg and Almelo.

What are you doing?
We provide plastering, painting, tiling, system walls and ceilings.

Which Hapert trailer(s) do you use?
Azure H2 405x200 cm
Azure H2 335x180 cm
Azure L1 250x130 cm

How long have you been using Hapert trailers?
We have been users of Hapert trailers since 2020.

Why do you use a Hapert trailer?
We use Hapert trailers because they behave very nicely behind the cars and are very stable.

What do you like best about the Hapert trailer?
Stability behind the car and good weight distribution.

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