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Staatsbosbeheer Team De Kop has a Hapert Azure L1. Read the interview with this company below:

Who are you? Tell us briefly about your company.

Staatsbosbeheer manages the green heritage of the Netherlands; 270,000 hectares of nature that we protect, that you can experience and that we use sustainably together with and for others.

Where are you active?

Everywhere in the Netherlands. As a team the Kop van Noord-Holland in Petten, Schoorlse Duinen, Wieringen, Robbenoordbos - Dijkgatbos

What are you doing?

We manage nature reserves.

Which Hapert trailer(s) do you use?

See pictures.

How long have you been using Hapert trailers?

A tandem axle for years. This smaller 2 years old.

Why do you use a Hapert trailer?

Experienced colleagues pass on their names to new colleagues. Due to options, telephone advice and price-quality, we often end up at Hapert.

What do you like best about the Hapert trailer?

Of the type in the photos:

Light weight yet sufficiently spacious
Single drawbar (no V-shape)
Mounting hooks on the outsid

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