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T&G Terrein en Groengeving BV has several Hapert trailers. Read the interview with this company below:

Who are you? Tell us briefly about your company.
T&G Terrain and Green Supply is part of the T&G group and an all-round service provider for outdoor areas. Our vision is that we offer an “extremely versatile service” to our clients.
Historie | T&G Groep - Buitengewoon veelzijdig (

Where are you active?
We relieve our clients in green, civil and cultural-technical areas.
T&G Groep - Diensten (

What are you doing?
We support our clients from advice/design, through realization to management of complete outdoor spaces. Of course it can also be part of this total work package.

Which Hapert trailer(s) do you use?
Various sorts. We have different requirements for our maintenance employees (volume through racks and tipping function for unloading) than for our construction employees (loading and unloading of sand/soil and paving material). For our operators we use low trailers on which machines can be driven.

How long have you been using Hapert trailers?
Don't know the exact period, but certainly for a long time.

Why do you use a Hapert trailer?
Reliable brand, choice that is applied to our requirements (as mentioned earlier, these change depending on the work).

What do you like best about the Hapert trailer?
Good price-quality ratio and sufficient choice.

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For 50 years now, HAPERT has been supplying the strongest trailers with a maximum gross weight of up to 3500 kg. Thanks to our tried-and-tested welding technology we guarantee the most durable trailers in Europe. Transportation solutions you can trust blindly. That is what makes us unique in the market.
We deliver to businesses and private individuals, who want to work with the strongest trailers. Our robust trailers are built to deliver maximum performance every day, at the lowest cost per kilometer.